Grand Selection 2007
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Olive Oil




In 2007 Castilla-La Mancha is celebrating the 18th Anniversary of the Grand Selection Competition, an annual event that promotes the best wines, olive oils, cheeses, honeys and saffron from our region.

It is a prize with tradition and recognition, which highlights a gastronomic cornucopia which can and should be appreciated with all five senses.

Look, smell, touch, listen and taste. A fantastic symphony where the diner can enjoy the subtle interplay between the dish and the wine accompanying it.

Listen to wine being decanted from the plain, thick, sturdy, bottle to the light and fragile, wide glass with its long stem. An unmistakable murmur that promises aromas, colours, and flavours rich in subtleties to delight the most demanding palate.

Smell the expressive Manchego cheese where every piece, every gram, embodies the identity of our land, our pasture and our sheep. A smell that we can never forget, the smell of artisan tradition and the unique, convincing, powerful, outright richness of flavour.

Touch a drop of honey and discover the delicate texture that is suggestive of golden sweetness, full of life, nature, wisdom and health.

Look at the pliability of saffron, meandering and mixing into the stew, stamen by stamen, a subtle trace of flavour intensely red in colour.

Taste extra virgin olive oil and be surprised by the discovery of the taste of the olive tree and its olives, when alchemy transforms solid into liquid. And discover, enraptured, how the adjectives smooth, oily, intense, bitter, sweet or flavoursome become defined, without words, in your mouth.

Five senses and five selected foods, from amongst all the others of equal excellence that the land of Castilla-La Mancha has to offer, a high quality gastronomic offering which we invite you to try. Play with the infinite combinations of lasting taste sensations that are so close to our emotions.


José María Barreda Fontes
President of Castilla-La Mancha